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City of Stonnington
City of Stonnington Roola Boola Children's art festival
  • Art
  • Free


Event presented by The Indirect Object

2, 3, 4, 5 July 2024 at The Loft - Chapel Off Chapel


Dates & times

Tuesday 2 July at 10:30am
Wednesday 3 July at 10:30am
Thursday 4 July at 10:30am
Friday 5 July at 10:30am


The Loft - Chapel Off Chapel


Average play time 20 minutes


All Ages



Immerse yourself in an island world.

Oasis is a tactile, luminous landscape of organic formations, crafted from recycled plastic bottles in extreme detail with over 100 PET bottles making up each flower. Children will explore a space of intricate petals and tendrils rustling with the breeze. Each stem glows and the islands appear to hover in a shifting spectrum of light.

Using sustainable recycled and repurposed materials, this immersive experience breathes life into synthetic waste and invites you to explore and question the boundaries of art. First developed in association with members of the Norlane Community Centre in 2021.

  • OASIS IS OPEN FROM 10.30am – 1.30pm
  • FREE – no tickets required – first come, first served.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult for all events.
  • Videography and photography will take place throughout the Festival



Founded in 2006, The Indirect Object is an award-winning arts group creating original immersive and interactive experiences for non-traditional spaces. 

With a core team of creative collaborators, our work blends a handmade aesthetic with technology to engage the senses. We are known for our ability to create accessible, responsive, nuanced and multi-layered experiences that generate a strong emotional connection.

The grounding motivation to explore the relationship between space, light, performing object and audience is a direct link back to our origins in experimental puppetry and has led to an expansive creative practice reflecting our commitment to exploring new ideas.

The Indirect Object creative practice is diverse and at times, contradictory. Creating works for, by and with children, families, the general public, communities and adults. Regardless of the audience or presentation platform, the work is always evolving, accessible, sensory, and free to the public.